Dental-Ukraine - About the exhibition
October 24 - 26, 2018

About the exhibition

Exhibition profiles:

  • Emerging technologies in dental practice
  • Modern methods of treatment
  • Exchange of experiences between specialists from different countries and the regions of Ukraine
  • Modern dental equipment and instruments

Target audience in the exhibition: dentists, dental technicians, chiefs of the private and state dental clinics, outpatient departments, company-trader representatives in the field of dental equipment and materials, students of corresponding specialities, public health care specialists.

Advertising campaign of the exhibition: information about the exhibition is placed in all specialized Ukrainian editions with the dental profile; direct letter distribution (more than 15000 invitation letters) is delivered to all dental institutes and universities of the country and specialized dental clinics and offices, sanatorium-and-spa institutions, medical institutes. Exhibition in Lviv is supported by street advertising, local press advertising, radio and TV advertising. Internet page gives all the information about exhibition preparation and on-line news. All exhibition participants are supported with placing their advertisement in the official catalogue, in the place of holding exhibition, in mass media.

Catalogue of the international "Dental-UKRAINE-2018" exhibition

General telepartner:


Printed Specialized Media:

- Journal "DentalInfo"
- Journal "Dental Announcements"
- Journal Magazyn stomatologiczny
- Journal DentaClub
- Journal DentArt
- Journal Dental news
- Journal Implantology. Periodontology. Osteology
- Journal Modern dentistry
- Journal Dental prosthetics
- Publishing house "GalDent"

Specialized informational partners on the Internet:

General print media:

Newspaper "Lviv Post" (Lviv) Newspaper "Gazeta in a way" (Lviv)
Newspaper Afisha Prykarpattya (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Newspaper "From and To" (Chernivtsi) Newspaper "Gazeta Advertising" (Ivano-Frankivsk) Newspaper Zakarpatye announcements (Uzhgorod)
Newspaper "Gazeta po-Lvovska" (Lviv) Newspaper "Sunday" (Uzhgorod)

General information partners on the Internet:

Outdoor advertising:

- Four advertising facilities in the central part of the city

Printed polygraphy:

- 10 000 invitations for the visitors of the exhibition and forum
- 10 000 booklets for the exhibition and forum visitors

Advertising on the radio:

- Radio FM Galichina (Lviv, Ternopil., Volyn. Region)
- Radio "RA Lux"
- Lvivskaya Khvylia Radio

- Maximus radio

Online and Facebook support: