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October 23 - 25, 2019


We invite you to visit Lviv City by night. This is a special evening tour. It is usually held at dusk. Do you feel tired of walking around the noisy, dusty and crowdy city? Do you want to walk without any hurry? Perhaps you like watching shimmering evening lights or the reflection of the evening sun against the gilded domes of Lviv churches and towers. Do you want to know anything about the past and the present of Lviv? If so, then this tour is exactly the one you need. If you join this tour you will visit Market Square where each building is an enduring masterpiece from the cities rich history, you will also pass through the mysterious Armenian Quarter with remains of an old Armenian Cemetery. The tour will include visits of the beautiful city, the grand Dominican Cathedral, the unsurpassed Church of the Assumption, ruins of once mighty Lviv fortifications. Our guide will introduce you to many other sights of ancient city as well.