Dental-Ukraine - Registration - order of invitations
October 23 - 25, 2019

Registration - order of invitations

Dear visitor!
We appreciate your interest in "Dental®-Ukraine-2013" exhibition.
You have an opportunity to register yourself by filling this form on-line or to download it here and to send it back after completion.
You will be informed of an identification number till September 1st, 2013

On-line form
Second name
First name
Work place
Company name
Post index and address (for correspondence)
Your profession/line of work
What foreign companies would you like to see in the exhibition (no more than 5)
What Ukrainian dillers you most frequently buy production from
Where did you found out about exhibition from (several answers are possible) I received invitation from organizers
I received invitation from
I saw street advertisement
I read advertisement in specialized press
I read/saw advertisement in unspecialized mass media
I found out from my colleagues (friends, acquaintance)